Call for Paper

Contributions are invited which are addressing by own research, project achievements, case studies, theoretical and conceptual work the conference theme and tracks, the creative use of educational technology.

Submissions, taking into account the conference theme and related to at least one of the conference tracks are welcome in paper, poster, synergy or panel discussion session and demonstration/technical presentation formats.

Networking and interactivity, sharing and discussion will be core aspects of the conference, focusing on what you can learn from and with your peers.

Join the Breast Cancer Conference in Dubai to tell about your research, projects and experience!

“Prospective authors should note that poster sessions provide an alternative format which allows for greater flexibility and expanded audience interaction.”

Types and Stages of Breast Cancer

  • Breast Cancer Awareness
  • Staging / Classification of Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer and Cell Biology

  • Cell Biology of Cancer
  • Breast Cancer Diagnosis
  • Mammography
  • MRI and Ultrasound Detection
  • Biopsy & Lab tests

Breast Cancer and Immunology

  • Immunotherapy for Breast Cancer
  • Mechanism of Immune evasion
  • Cancer Immunology

Types of Cancer Treatment

  • Breast Cancer Surgery
  • Radiation Therapy & Chemotherapy
  • Immunotherapy to Treat Cancer
  • Targeted Therapy & Hormone Therapy
  • Stem Cell Transplant
  • Precision Medicine

Breast Cancer Research

  • Male Breast Cancer Research
  • Epidemiology of Breast Cancer And Risk Factors
  • Diet and Lifestyle Effect on Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer Care

  • Breast Cancer Nursing
  • Breast Cancer Management