Scopes & Benefits

Attending conferences on subjects of interest not only refreshes our mind with new information, it also motivates the person to think, contemplate, explore and experiment on it.

Breast cancer and its cause is a trending topic of research these days. Contributing to this research could be beneficial for beginners as well as the scientists.

The scope behind organizing this conference includes:

To provide valuable information;

To share important, life-changing experiences;

To promote lively interaction among the participants and the guest speakers;

To highlight the problematic situations in treatments and the best possible solution for the same; to inculcate in the mind of researchers the thirst to deepen the research;

To develop in them the skills of presentation and expression of thought and lastly to maintain unity among the interdisciplinary fields

The benefits of attending the conference includes:

The attendees are provided with the essence of all the research done so far, to strengthen their foundation on the subject.

The advances in technology and the success stories it gave the society are also highlighted.

The students and young researchers are given an opportunity to present their papers, either in the form of a poster or orally.

This develops their skills of expression and communication in front of a large crowd.

With a great number attending the conference, there is also a chance to build network either with participants, academicians , business professionals, etc.

Also the companies attending the conference exhibit their innovations to help the researchers benefit from it.

There is never a chance that one goes empty handed from these conferences. One carries with him a thirst to explore, a tornado of thoughts ready for execution and experimentation and knowledge worth sharing with others