Objective of Breast Cancer Conference 2020

Breast Cancer occurs in many women and few men. Women in different culture suffer from discrimination while accessing health services. Poor countries lack the basic facility to provide treatment for the breast cancer patients at high cost. The Breast Cancer Conference 2020 will provide a platform for well known researchers to display their innovations. The conference as a result can provide technology for all who are facing difficulty in accessing health care. Our Objective of the conference are as follows:

  • To provide optimal healthcare to breast cancer patients
  • To focus on prevention, diagnosis and treatment, which benefits all.
  • To analyse and discuss the common issues faced among the cancer patients and providing solutions
  • To create a unique forum for researchers, scholars, scientist, doctors, surgeons and oncologists
  • To promote wellness among women across the globe, reducing the risk of undergoing treatment and to create awareness.

About the Conference

Breast Cancer 2020 takes a lot of privilege to welcome all the scholars and researchers from all around the world to expatiate about their respective scientific research at “Breast Cancer Conference 2020”. An opportunity to experience this grand colloquium along with the most alluring city Dubai, UAE on March 18-19, 2020.