My name is Bibi Saeedah Akhtar Hassan President/Founder of the Guyana Cancer Foundation. Over the years we have been offering free Breast Screening using Mammogram/Sonogram. In 2019, we have screened over 100 plus women for Breast Cancer, some of the reports coming back from Dr. Balwant Singh Hospital is that a lot of our women has Fibroadenomas (Fibroids) in the breast which means depending on size, the patient will have to do a Needle Aspiration, which is taking a tissue from the breast and then send it to Pathology Lab for testing. When the report comes back, depending on the size, the patient will have to do a biopsy.

Fibroadenomas are solid, noncancerous breast lumps that occur most often in women between ages 15 and 35. A fibroadenoma might feel firm, smooth, rubbery or hard and features a well-defined shape. Usually painless, it'd desire a marble in your breast, moving easily under your skin when examined. Fibroadenomas vary in size, and that they can enlarge or shrink on their own. You can have one or many fibroadenomas in one or both breasts.

Fibroadenomas are solid breast lumps that usually are:

When to see a doctor

In healthy women, normal breast tissue often feels lumpy. Make an appointment with your doctor if:

By our Foundation mission statement is to get women screened for early detection. Early Detection Helps Save Lives!

Bibi Saeedah Akhtar Hassan

President/Founder, Guyana Cancer Foundation